Chapter 3

OPENING NOTES: Hello all. Thank you all for coming out to show your love and support. As I thought, monster postings won by a land slide. I am sorry for those that prefer daily updates…self control anyone? This week will be six chapters and I know I will miss out of reviews but I want to get the story rolling. I will try to go no more than a week without posting. I am working with the lovely ms. Buffi as always and together I am sure we can make that happen! So let’s set a date for next Friday, same time? See you then!

“So you are going to get married because you believe having sex would help?” Caspian asked Sookie. “That seems kinda extreme.”

They were having dinner together at his house, and the topic of her birthday was raised so she had explained how it had come about. Their standing dinner dates he had insisted upon were the only times that she didn’t have to try to emulate the one thing she didn’t have. She could ask him to explain every frown or smile and Caspian did without being hurtful because he could see into her.

“It is my father’s theory that if I feel pain, then I can feel pleasure and it could help,” She explained.

“Why do you have to get married? Why not just find a bedmate?”

“Sex is just one half of it, my brother believes that having a child would give me…” she wasn’t really sure what. Sai’re never really explained.

“Something to live for,” Caspian completed for her.

“The hormonal changes that come with pregnancy have the capacity to impact me greatly,” She explained. “I might be able to forge some kind of bond or connection with my offspring which may in turn alleviate the hollowness.”

Caspian was silent for a few minutes. She couldn’t be sure what he thought about the idea. He wasn’t smiling so she had very few guesses. “What is your opinion?” Sookie asked him.

Caspian shrugged and scrubbed a hand over his face before replying. “It is morally reprehensible to burden a baby with the responsibility of saving its mother, but I would offer if I thought it would help you. Sharing a child with you would be a blessing because there is no one I love more.”

“But you do not believe it will save me?” Sookie asked point blank.

Caspian stared at her for a long time. His gaze was intense and unmoving. It wasn’t until his eyes began to lose focus did he respond.

“No,” he told her. His voice was almost dreamlike as he tapped into one of his Fae abilities. “You are the same…but you are divided somehow.”

“Broken,” Sookie agreed.

“No…more like all aspects of you have substantially separated.”

That was odd and unexpected. “In what way?” she asked.

If she was going to be unable to function at maximum efficiency, she would like to know as to better plan for her weaknesses.

“It isn’t your loyalty to your family that keeps you tethered to this world. I think it is sheer defiance. You are stubborn, and that stubbornness is rooted deep down in your soul, whatever is left of it anyway. I do not even believe you are capable of taking your own life at this point.”

Sookie had been correct with her initial thought. She had become dissociative. Caspian leaned in closer to her with an awed kind of expression that she knew well. He was a scientist and he was looking at her as if she was an atom that was missing a proton.

“You are in so many pieces…it is amazing, I wish you could see it. There are so many things that you have come into contact with that you can’t process. They are just floating around in there.”

He poked her sternum. Her first reaction was to look down, but of course she saw nothing, and she certainly felt nothing.

“Your body is detached from your mind, only linking the autonomic functions it seems. Your mind has parted ways from your heart entirely, and your heart from your soul. What is left of your soul is still yearning for the other half though.”

That prognosis sounded bleak, but, of course, Sookie felt nothing about it. It certainly explained much, her sleep for one, and then there was her ability to feel physical pain, but nothing else.

“This information would have been useful a week ago. Now it will be too late to stop my father. He is set on making my birthday party a spectacle of epic proportions.” The amount of time that it was taking from her duties was bordering on unreasonable.

Caspian laughed and threw his arm around her. “I am looking to test the inhibitors we cooked up so… I have no sympathy. Plus you once told me that your father throws the best parties.”

Sookie looked at Caspian’s perfect teeth, the way his lips curved, and wondered what it would be like to look like that again. She knew better than to imitate the utter happiness that seemed to roll off her best friend. She also knew that she would never feel that happy again. No one reminded her of what she had lost like Caspian. It was why she kept him so close. Caspian would ensure that she never forgot even if she couldn’t remember what she was forgetting. It was there in him.

Despite the sudden and rampant party planning that had taken over an unforeseen amount of her time, Sookie still saw to her routine duties. After she left Caspian, Sookie went on to Arkansas to see Kale. This visit was unscheduled, but if he was as good as he should be he would see her coming. He didn’t, and that was a first. On the private tarmac were three of her soldiers, and they took a knee while she deplaned.

“Where is General Kale?” Sookie asked as she waved for them to rise.

“There has been tension between the long-standing Were pack and the growing shifter clan in the area. The General is at a meeting between the two in an effort to keep the peace.”

This was the second time she was hearing about two-natured troubles in this state. Aggression peaked very quickly with the species, especially the males, so though fighting was very common, it was often small and contained. When leadership changed hands and there were casualties, it was minimal and the groups cleaned up after themselves. This was nothing of the sort and if it erupted, the shifters and the Weres wouldn’t be able to contain it. Humans would undoubtedly get dragged in and so would vampires. That was unacceptable.

Upon entry into the state, all vampire citizens knew that any unsanctioned aggression against any supernatural creature would result in immediate expulsion. They left the Weres alone and the Weres knew better to touch her citizens. Sookie had never had any issues, but she had foreseen it, although to their credit it hadn’t happened as soon as she had calculated. The Queen didn’t understand emotion, but she understood power plays and they were rampant in the two-natured communities as they became more organized.

It was no longer a case of a dominant male rising to challenge his Alpha for the right to lead the pack. It was an Alpha looking to spread his territory across half the state and taking down the twelve other Alphas in his way. One ambitious young shifter, Jackson Kincaid, was taking it to the next level. He had risen as a uniter of the shifters and he was looking to add the Weres to his rule.

“Take me to him.”

Sookie rode with two of the soldiers and Dorian beside her while Galleon and Otto followed in another car. During the short drive, the Queen set her plan in motion. When all the pieces were in place, she had Dorian connect a call to General Kale.

“I wish to address the leaders of the Two-natured,” Sookie said when the lines connected.

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Kale must have traveled a little way from the meeting to take the call because the minute he got in range Sookie could hear the shouting. She could see that several people had left their human forms, teeth were bared, and claws were out. A clash was imminent.

“Get the fuck out of here, leech, this has nothing to do with you!” Someone snarled at Kale.

“My Queen is on the line. She wishes to address the leaders present.”

A strange and sudden hush fell over the area as Kale placed his video phone on speaker for them. “In actuality this message is for all of you.”

Sookie could see them and they could see her while Kale set his phone in place. Her face was also projected from the device. There was no cloak. Sookie didn’t attempt to cover the soullessness in her eyes nor did she cage the predator within. The entire room saw it. Many of them were afraid, and that was good because that meant no one would do anything unwise.

“The presence of my General at your accord suggests that your actions have a propensity to negatively affect my vampire citizens.”

“This has nothing to do with vampires, Kale is here as a courtesy. He can leave,” That came from Jackson Kincaid. “In fact, he’s worn out his welcome.”

“In the interest of my people, I must insist that you draw a peace treaty immediately. If you do not, then I will be forced to intercede and my methods of problem solving are very definitive.”

Sookie’s words were a threat, and it was met with growls of aggression, defiance, or fear. She couldn’t tell.

“All this cowardly wolf has to do is fight Jax!” The words resulted in shouts of outrage from the Weres and rallying cries from the shifters. The speaker, a female whom Fin identified as Shelia Owens, was the known Omega in the shifter clan.

“What I mean by definitive is that I solve problems in such a manner that they will never again arise.”

Then the Queen sent the mass text messages and heard as the message hit their intended recipients, all of whom were in the area she was addressing. There was a scream as one woman checked her phone. She was a Were named Chelsea, and she was looking at the picture of her son Mattie as he slept in his bed. She was the first. Aggression turned to pure panic and terror, and it engulfed the area like a wild fire. A few tried to make calls to verify the safety of loved ones but Fin had jammed the lines.

“I will kill you all,” Sookie explained calmly. “I will kill half of your children. Then I will select families at random from both sects. I will kill wives, husbands, lovers, Facebook friends, parents, and grandparents. I will incinerate your family trees so that even if I live forever, not a single bud will bloom from the ashes when I am through.”

“We’ll leave,” The Omega said, making her way to the head of the table to stand in front of Jackson who seemed unable to look away from the phone.

The fact that the shifter clan “Denned” their young made things easier for Sookie, her soldiers had all ten of them surrounded and they had torches in hand. That was the image all the shifters who had received the text message were seeing.

“We’ll never come this far north again, just please…don’t do this,” Tears were streaming down her face as she begged. “Jax will never leave his territory or he’ll step down. Whatever you want, but please…please don’t hurt the cubs. Tell her, Jackson!”

“I won’t,” He said.

The Omega had finished her appeal. Both she and her codefendant had spoken. This was like any other trial of a vampire in her state who landed in legal trouble. The truth was that before any vampire found themselves on trial they had already been judged by Sookie. That was why Sookie had her database. It wasn’t a matter of defenses. Rather she could formulate who would be a problem given their pattern of behavior. Listening to the noise that escaped the mouth of this shifter was a mere formality. When it was over Sookie replied.

“That is not agreeable to me,” Sookie said. She infused her voice with enough authority that it crushed any and all hopes any of them had. “The retreat of the Iron Claw shifter Clan is not an option, and neither is the surrender of the United Evergreen Were Packs. I must insist on a peace treaty between the two. Set whatever terms you wish, but you have one hour to comply.”

Sookie disconnected the call.

“Have you sent my father the choice of the ice sculptures?” she asked Dorian.

Dorian cringed into her seat and shook her head. It was then Sookie realized she was bare. The predator was still there in her eyes. She covered it with a cool veneer. Dorian cleared her throat needlessly.

“We are scheduled to look over the designs at midnight when the lighting choices arrive,” She replied.

“We will do it now while we wait. The lighting will center on it.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

Sookie filled her time efficiently as she waited for the Weres and shifters to run out the time clock that she had set. As she sat in the car she was able to get through much of party planning decisions. The guest list included the Prince of Darkness himself, though he hadn’t yet sent his R.S.V.P.. Sookie was in the middle of revising the seating arrangements when she and Dorian were interrupted by General Kale.

“Forgive me, Your Grace.”

“Kale, Good evening,” Sookie said with a nod. She added what she thought was a polite smile. She had done it properly because he returned it; though he seemed a bit slow to do so.

“Yes, Your Grace. It is, thanks to you,” He said. “I have the treaty. It has been signed by all the high ranking members of the Were and shifter clans,” He told her. “Both races made it a law for their people.”

Dorian held out her hand, and it was only after the assistant read the treaty and added a few notations on the document did she then pass it to Sookie. It eliminated bloodshed in any capacity. The Weres and the shifters had divided the state in half. The Weres of any race would take the East, and the shifters would rule the West. The Queen would rule over them all. It wasn’t as definitive as Sookie would have preferred, but this quelled the imminent threat. With a little fine tuning, the treaty would hold for the foreseeable future.

“Inform them that this is acceptable to me,” Sookie told General Kale.

“Yes, Your Grace.”

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